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IRC (Internet Relay Chat)とは、元来、専用クライアントを用いてテクストベースでリアルタイムの対話を行うためにインターネット上に構築されたネットワークであった. 就中ここSceneCritique(SC)では一般のIRCネットワークと異なる特性を持つサービスが稼働している. 従来のIRCシステムへの補遺として、SCは以下を提供する:

1. Webブラウザによるログイン
2. ユーザアカウント/チャンネルメンバーシップの包括管理システム
3. ユーザホスト/IPアドレス非表示(一意性は保持)
4. 日本語対応




IRCクライアントでログインする場合、サーバアドレスは irc.scenecritique.com ポートは 6667 番である(SSL経由のIRCも同一ポート).


Behind the Scene

Videogames were dominant in his flickering memory of infancy. Coarse 8-bit expression should be enough to stimulate childish imagination. It might even be the optimal dose for a certain phase of human development. Above all things that belong to the Role-Playing Games (RPG) genre, the most enchanting for him was the orthodox world of swords and sorcery that limitlessly satisfy infant omnipotence.

It didn't last long. Learning the structure of computers led him to get bored about videogames. He knew his innocence had been trapped and lost in machine-generated patterns while giving up independence. Time spent in this stupidity must be total loss... or perhaps the patterns he had been acquainted with thus far might merely be clumsy imitations of genuine ones worth donating a piece of one's life. We are in dire need of new evidence of values. His hope was crushed and surrendered untimely. How boring and infertile this tool is. Thy name is computer.

The escape from dead scripts written by others only left him without a way to go. RPG is supposed to be free. Instead, the only things a barren landscape of free space brought to him were shudders. A new discipline was desired as the new locus to entrust his own entity to. Soon the quest reached a network woven by characters --then people divided by it. It is a metaphor. It's neither a cheap humanism dogma nor a game per se. It's a metaphor of a game.

Since its inception in 1988, IRC as a medium has been the arena for RPG of pen, paper and dice, and also for MUD. Later online multiplayer games assumed the main consumer of channels. The IRC network he visited for the first time was an exotic alien nation that is far from mediocre orders castrated by corporate administration. It was a chaotic mosaic where new geography is generated all day, all night in a very fast, real-time pace. This old client/server-based system has certain aspects divergent from instant messaging and P2P systems, though not as dependent on scenarios as MMORPGs are. The closed and restricted environment of IRC forms a ruling group out of echos of spontaneous dialogs, which is the moment with clearly vertical orientation, while being heterogeneous to statically distributed world-wide-web.

A metaphor is reference. A game that generates games - is the key. Pain and pleasure, both start afterlife from this infertile womb.

Surfing is fun, but a cruise is yet another fun. Once on board, you'll find a secret society within a ship. It's a scene joined by its cast of characters. Souls are born, encounter and go. Hidden behind the scene, he must be anticipating fresh new game. People call him... scenecritique